Browsing the web via Nokia 5320 Xpress Music

I really like my phone Nokia 3110 classic. I can check gmail, google map and tweet via jibjib. However Nokia 3110c is not quite good by browsing the web. It can browse some web sites but its memory seem to be very limited. For example I can’t browse my blog or twitpic with images even those images are quite small. Therefore I’m looking for that a economic phone is better than Nokia 3110c in term of browsing the web. Luckily my friend got brand new Nokia 5320 Xpress Music. It costs less than 7000 THB so it is quite interesting. Today I just borrowed his phone and used it to browse my blog. After I tweet that it is really nice phone for surfing the web. @sugree asked for reviewing with photo. btw, I give you video too.

web browsing using nokia 5320me

I found that Nokia 5320 Xpress Music is capable in browsing my blog at (this blog actually) with a medium size of image (500px x 375px). Moreover the screen can be rotated 90 degree. I really like this feature.

web browsing using nokia 5320me

I can see the comments on my blog which is what I want to do on the bus.

clear all private data

Well, I cleared all my private data since it is not my phone :-P.

You may see that this video clip is out of focus. Anyways this video clip may show you that this phone performance is quite good ^_^.

I really like this phone. Its price is also reasonable. However it is still to expensive for me.


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