AuthKit + OpenID + MysqlStore

In previous examples, I always use file store, which I found that it is quite difficult to use when I deploy BasaAsa to the server so I change to use MySQL store. To use MySQL store, I modified in order to create table for OpenID library.

"""Setup the basaasa application"""
import logging

from basaasa.config.environment import load_environment
from basaasa.users.authkit_elixir_driver import UsersFromDatabase
from basaasa import model
from authkit.authenticate.open_id import make_store #added
from pylons import config #added

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

def setup_app(command, conf, vars):
    """Place any commands to setup basaasa here"""
    load_environment(conf.global_conf, conf.local_conf)
    from elixir import metadata
    store_type = config.get('') #added
    stote_config = config.get('') #added
    conn, cstore = make_store(store_type, stote_config) #added
    if store_type == 'mysql': #added
        cstore.createTables() #added

Then after I run paster setup-app development.ini, tables for storing OpenID information have been created.



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