Moz L10N + Rust Meetup 2017-01-28

  1. Teerapat Taechaiya told us about Mozilla direction these days, overview about L10N, resources etc. And he also carried a lot stickers for us.
  2. We discussed about our centralized page for collecting translation resources.
  3. We discussed about how to promote our Facebook page.
  4. We translated via Pontoon together
  5. I talked about my motivation to provide user interface in Thai and the survey about whether Thai Internet users understand English technical terms
  6. @iporsut showed that writing TCPServer in Rust is obvious and intuitive. He also remarked that Rust thread is native one, unlike Go routine.
  7. @awkwin explained how to make a http redirection in Rust with Tokio, which is much faster than using Nginx. He also explained how Tokio works.
  8. We talked about move semantics, lifetimes, traits and generics in Rust
  9. I showed a benchmark on Thai word tokenizer, which I made together with @iporsut. The version written in Rust has been the fastest one. @iporsut told us that Rust verison is faster than Go version because of its fast hash map from standard library.

Thank all participants for sacrificing your precious holiday especially Chinese new year for contributing Thai localization on free software and advancement of Rust programming in Thai community.

Thank Hubba Thailand, for the a brilliant venue for co-working and drink water.

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